Summer 2018. I’ve set up a studio space at my cottage in Killingworth, CT and have begun recording/mixing a solo guitar album. This recording space will also be used to record with harpist Evelyn Cournoyer on a set of traditional & contemporary Celtic tunes.

This new recording project will include pieces that I’ve grown alongside over the past few years, and the album will serve as a collage of the many musical ideas that have influenced me. This News page will have updates as the album comes together, along with thoughts and stories regarding the musical selections and their origins.

Check out the Music/Video page to hear a preview of Wainscott Pond by Toru Takemitsu.

“I wish to free sounds from the trite rules of music, rules that are in turn stifled by formulas and calculations. I want to give sounds the freedom to breathe. Rather than on the ideology of self-expression, music should be based on a profound relationship to nature- sometimes gentle, sometimes harsh. When sounds are possessed by ideas instead of having their own identity, music suffers.”

Toru Takemitsu Confronting Silence: selected writings (1995)

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